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​ We have a full sized snooker table. 

There are separate kitchen facilities available for use during your hire.

This facility will be separately managed in the future but at the moment please book through this site. 

Capacity: 20 people

Price per hour: £5



We would always recommend that for a large gathering or performance, you hire the whole building and then you'll have exclusive use of all the facilities.

Capacity: 180 people

Price per hour: £20  for entire downstairs, £30 for entire facility ( downstairs/upstairs exclusive use). Please note that we adjust rates downwards for setting up/clearing away

Coffee Cups


​Our large kitchen has everything you need for your hire. Whether you're getting caterers in or you're doing it yourself, you'll find a double oven, microwave, stainless steel catering worktops, a warming oven, fridge, catering equipment and a full dinner service. We also have a further room with a pot wash area and dishwasher. Please let us know if there are certain things required at the time of booking. 

Computer Software Guidance


Now open! computer, internet, printing facilities. Room suitable for small classes, counselling, small meetings and music practice.

Capacity: 10- 15 people

Price per hour: £5.

Elegant Table Arrangement


With such a large flexible space, the Main Hall can be used for large gatherings, shows, classes, meetings, parties or exhibitions, with a stage, projector, screen, lighting and sound system.  Hearing Loop installed.

You'll have full access to the fully equipped kitchen during your hire, which has a hatch straight in to the hall.

Capacity: 120 seated  people (excluding staff / helpers) and 180 standing

Price per hour: £13 (£10 for wellbeing groups)



The bar is the perfect place to hold small meetings or intimate gatherings.  You can book the bar on its own or if booking the main hall you can ask for the bar to be open if needed. Volunteers run the bar.


Please note, if you need to access the kitchen area, you will need to book the main hall as well.

Capacity: ~30 people

Price per hour: £5 bar lounge, £7 bar lounge and staffed bar

Pool Balls
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